Alpaka Punch is watching you!! Or is it?

Simple to use time tracking app

Are you wondering about time tracking and what the point of it is? Surely recording time is just for large companies so they can keep tabs on their employees and see how hard they are working? Think again, time tracking is much more than a spying tool.

Alpaka Punch is a time tracking app, but it doesn’t just track the time you spend on tasks so that you can bill your clients more accurately. By tracking your time, Alpaka Punch can show you the time you loose and the time that is not used properly. As a freelancer, a team member, a manager or business owner this is extremely useful information. You can use this data to structure your day or your employee’s days better, therefore enabling you to grow your business and manage your budget better. This transparency of work leads to better communication between colleagues which can in-turn lead to a stronger team that works as a ‘team’ as opposed to being people who just happen to work for the same boss and occasionally on the same project.

Freelancer: “I work all day and night! I never have any time for me!”

Once that freelancer tracks his or her time it becomes clear that there are four hours when the timer is paused.

Freelancer: “Oops! I do drink a lot of tea!”

Through analysis of the data the freelancer realises that he/she works better early in the morning and late in the afternoon. With this information, the working day can be better planned to allow for this.

Project Manager: “Why didn’t the last project come in on time and on budget?”

Through analysis of the teams collaborative time, the project manager discovered that there was a lull mid-way through the last project. So, by using this information he or she can plan ahead and distribute staff accordingly, providing a much-needed energy boost.

Business Owner: “I thought we would make much more profit on the last project!”

The Business owner reflected on the time tracking data and discover that the actual project hours did not match the predicted hours, therefore, the predicted client bill was not accurate. The business owner can take this information and use it for more accurate project planning in future.

As you can see, this is not Big Brother at work, it is a process of gaining a better understanding of your company and / or your working day. By tracking time, you can see the correlation between: activities – number of staff – the time spent on the activity – and budget. By seeing this you can find identify way to be more cost effective in your process, this is great for any business, large, small, non-profit and big bank balance! In a nut-shell, Alpaka Punch can highlight all the bad habits you and your company have developed without even realising it, for a free time tracking app we think it is pretty cool!

Kate Rodgers

Kate Rodgers


Kate balances being CMO for Alpaka's time and employee management software with being an almost perfect human. Her blogs and expertise are about efficiently handling three obnoxious children and a difficult 39 year old child who helps writes these.