Time Tracking Myths Busted

Simple to use time tracking app

Your team are about to start using time tracking software so you can record the time you spend on projects. The idea isn't popular, whispers about a police state and Big Brother is watching you are everywhere and there are concerns that it is another thing you’ll have to find time for in your already very busy day.

Let’s put the brakes on, look at the myths and see if we can make your team feel a bit better about time tracking...

Myth: It is just the boss’s way of monitoring how you work.

One negativity about time tracking apps are that people feel it is implemented for employers to watch employees and how hard they are working.

Busted: By tracking time, employers can identify staff that have a heavy workload which means they can delegate tasks more evenly in future. This creates a better working atmosphere since everyone is contributing as a team and there is transparency about workload.

Myth: What is the point! There is no value in logging time.

Busted: This is only true if you are tracking time for the sake of it, but it is what you do with the data that makes logging time a valuable exercise. By recording time you can:

  • Track effort
  • Track time expended on projects
  • Calculate accurate cost of sale
  • Discover your most productive times of day
  • Easily see the staff working on projects
  • Automate timesheets
  • Accurately bill clients for their work.

Myth: Your boss is spying on you!

It is 1984, Big Brother is in power and your privacy has been taken away because your boss knows everything you are doing.

Busted: It's only your working time that is being logged, it's not like the boss has installed surveillance cameras. The objective with time tracking is to give employees and the employer a greater understanding of your working day to accurately bill clients and improve project management.

Myth: You will have to work harder because you will be constantly monitored.

Busted: It might be the case that at first employees feel a uneasy about tracking their time and that they are being watched, but this is just part of the settling in process. It is the employers responsibility to positively communicate to their team the purpose of the time tracking. Staff need to have their minds put at rest by having a clear understanding as to the reasons for logging their time.

Myth: It is going to be a pain.

Yet another thing to remember to do. You think it will take ages, you’ll forget to do it and then your timesheet will be wrong.

Busted: Alpaka Punch time tracking software is extremely user-friendly, all you have to do is start and stop the clock and allocate that session to a client or project. You can install the app on your iOS or Android device and get reports from your desktop in web version of Alpaka. Tracked time can be exported to your schedule which can then be manually edited, tracking your time will actually save you time.

As you can now see, there are many benefits to tracking your time and hopefully we have laid to rest your concerns. No one likes change or being told what to do, but sometimes change is a good thing. Our suggestion would be to give time tracking a try and see how you get on, we think you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Kate Rodgers

Kate Rodgers


Kate balances being CMO for Alpaka's time and employee management software with being an almost perfect human. Her blogs and expertise are about efficiently handling three obnoxious children and a difficult 39 year old child who helps writes these.