Time tracking - why bother?

Simple to use time tracking app

Logging time spent on tasks is not just for freelancers or businesses that charge clients by the hour, recording time can help with better communication between staff and project management.

Time tracking software can show the financial value of a project. For example, how many hours it took. How many employees were involved. Making the cost in ‘man/woman’ hours easier to calculate.

It enables you to bill clients accurately as you can report the exact hours spent on work rather than having to estimate...

"I think I did three hours on Monday, five on Tuesday, oh, I can’t remember what I did on Wednesday, let’s just say 20 hours this week!?"

Without realising you could have hours of lost revenue.

Recording time enables you to plan projects based on data from previous similar pieces of work. You can more accurately plan the time it will take and how many members of staff you will need, enabling you to invoice clients more accurately and predict realistic deadlines.

You can see your individual productivity. This will inspire better time management as you will see when you work best and whether you are, in fact, as productive as you think you are!

Speeds up timesheet completion since the tracked time data can export directly to your schedule.

As an employee, it provides you with evidence for demonstrating your value to the company, giving you important evidence when you negotiate a pay rise. As an employer, you can easily identify members of staff that are performing above and beyond.

Clocking in and clocking out the old fashioned way

Recording time can provide evidence of employees being overworked, enabling managers to distribute tasks and staff more effectively or employ additional help if required. This will lower the risk of unplanned staff sickness. When employees are valued and supported they are less likely to feel stressed or overworked and therefore less likely to take unauthorised absence from work, saving employers money and creating a better work culture with a more efficient and reliable team.

Whether you work in an office or remotely, for a big team or freelance, tracking your time should make you more focused and less likely to be distracted. You will find that you are completing tasks quicker so you have more time for a bit or R&R

So tracking time, enables your team to work to their full potential because you can plan projects better by assigning the appropriate members of staff to the projects and give realistic time-frames for both employees and clients. By doing this your staff will be happier, communicate better and will produce projects that are of a higher quality.

Kate Rodgers

Kate Rodgers


Kate balances being CMO for Alpaka's time and employee management software with being an almost perfect human. Her blogs and expertise are about efficiently handling three obnoxious children and a difficult 39 year old child who helps writes these.