Editing Timers In Bulk

If you are using Alpaka to record time as a team or small business you will be generating a lot of important information about time tracking, clients and projects. Handling large amounts of data in an efficient way is as important as generating it accurately in the first place.

Simple to use time tracking

Batch Editing Operations

By carefully filtering the list of timer records you can perform operations in bulk on the subset. The original and accurate record for each timer will be kept in the database, but you can manipulate the records in any of the following ways to make your management oversight easier.

  • Set Inactive
  • Set Active
  • Edit Client
  • Edit Project
  • Edit Padding
  • Edit Padding Type
  • Edit Billable
  • Merge Punches
  • Merge Padded Punches
  • Merge Client Per Day
  • Merge Projects Per Day
  • Merge Projects
  • Export to Schedule

Adding Timers Manually Online Time Tracking