Meet Alpaka Punch

A free time tracking app.

Manage your time anywhere. Whether you use an iOS or Android, or the online version on your desktop computer, Alpaka Punch is easy to use time management software. Learn how Alpaka Punch helps you record your time everywhere.

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Synchronise your activity

Pause the timer in the app and the online version pauses automatically, change the client or job description online and the app automatically updates preventing mistakes in timing if you go to lunch and forget to click stop.

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I have been freelancing for the last 4 years, I struggled with hourly client billing until I found Alpaka Punch. Now I am tracking my projects and bill my clients online without any hassles. Great app, keep up to good work.
Alpaka Review - Heather Alexander

Heather Alexander San Francisco, US

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Time Tracking Your Team Will Actually Use

Alpaka Punch tracks time for tasks with administrator oversight to collectively record, analyse, and report timed tasks contributed by other team members.

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I love this app. I am billing more time each month because I have accurate records for client invoices. This is the best time tracking app I found, quicker than sending a text message.
Alpaka Review - Gerald Chavez

Gerald Chavez Bristol, UK

Easy Settings in Alpaka Punch

Report and Export

Alpaka Punch has full editing capability for your tracked time. Merge by client or project, by day or between a date range. Round billable time up or down to record time your way.

Visualise your work time with charts or export data into a calendar or Excel files. Build a better working relationship with your clients by providing detailed insight into billable projects.

More Features

I'm a designer on freelance services like PPH, Fiverr and other gig websites, but some of the websites don't have their own timer software, tracking time and knowing my productivity was difficult. I would recommend this app to freelancers who need to track their time for invoicing or just to know what they have been doing all day.
Alpaka Review - Kelly Ryan

Kelly Ryan London, UK

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